Leasing Enhances Budget Stability
- Leasing guarantees a fixed payment amount for the length of the lease term,
making it easier for a business to forcase expense.
- It also allows businesses to obtain equipment for unplanned events since their operating budget
(vs. capital budget) can accommodate a monthly payment.

Leasing Helps Avoid Technological Obsolescence
- Leasing protexts you form being locked into owning equipment
that may not meet your future needs.
- Leasing provides the flexibility for you to upgrade easily to the newest releases,
features, and functionality as soon as they become available.

Leasing Provides Flexibility
- With the flexible end-of-lease options, you may purchase, refinance,
upgrade, or walk away at the end of the lease.
- Leasing means that you can pay for the equipment as you enjoy the benefits of using it.

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